KUCI Radio Interview Tonight

September 22, 2015

Just a quick heads-up, Joe’s doing a little phone interview on KUCI’s Sonic Roulette Radio tonight at about 8:30pm. If I remember correctly, KUCI is the first radio station on which we ever performed live… this is some full-circle business. Anyway, you can listen online here!


The Student Pocket Guide: Don’t Fool Yourself (Acoustic)

July 11, 2015

We did a little acoustic session for The Student Pocket Guide back in the UK the other day, and they’ve just posted part one on their youTube channel. It’s a version of “Don’t Fool Yourself” done with a guitar, an old Casio SK-1, a Micro Korg and a loop pedal.…

Pop Noir

“Don’t Fool Yourself” receiving some good support!

June 10, 2015

Thanks to everyone who’s been playing our latest single, “Don’t Fool Yourself” at radio, including: ANDHOW.FM, BFF.FM, HoundsTooth Radio, INDIE1031, INDIESF2, KACV, KCR, KCXX, KDHX, KFMA, KFMG, KingFM, KOSN, KOSN-Specialty, KOSR, KOSR-Specialty, KOSU, KOSU-2, KOSU-2-Specialty, KOSU-Specialty, KPRI, KQ Alternative, KUCI, KUKQ, KURQ, KWSS, KXRN, KXRN1, KXRN2, KXRN4, MEDIABASE, Mersey Radio,…


Spy Vs Spy last night at #blinddragon. #popnoir #saltnpepa #losangeles #hollywood